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The Total Produce Market Report August 2017

August, a month of terrific late summer produce with just a hint of early autumn joys to come.


Late Summer Veg

The British sweetcorn season runs from now till late September and word is that it’s going to be a pretty fine harvest this year.  Volume, quality and price are all pretty much where we want them to be so do get this glorious vegetable onto your menus right away, you won’t be disappointed.

Peas and broad beans are pretty much over but there’s plenty of runner and bobby beans from growers right across the UK.

Good to welcome back orange Chantenay carrots, the white and purple versions should be along in early September.

There’s already a very fair range of new season British squashes and we’ll see plenty more over the coming months.

There’s plenty of home grown courgettes at very keen prices.

More Late Summer Veg

British marrows have started. Time to rehabilitate this glorious, timeless vegetable.

New season British parsnips and swedes are joined by the first Jerusalem artichokes from France. Currently slim and rather dear they will get cheaper and fatter, just like your greengrocer.

British leeks are in absolutely cracking form and very sensibly priced.

Rainbow chard brings a glorious splash of colour to your plate and is arguably even more delicious than spinach (and quite a bit cheaper).

There’s fresh borlotti beans from Italy and coco de paimpol from France. Neither are particularly cheap but, if you’re keen on a pod, worth every penny.

Stone Fruit

European cherries and apricots may be over but there’s still plenty of peaches and nectarines. The real stone fruit excitement this month is the start of the British season. We’ve had early varieties like Herman and Opal since late July, a rather early start this year. Limited supplies of  early Victorias are trickling in and we’ll see more and more as we move further into the month.

There’s already some excellent British greengages and the first damsons will be with us any day now.


The British apple season has started. First off the block are Discovery and Bramleys and there’s already plenty of those. Next up are usually Worcester Pearmains, then Coxes and Russets.

Discovery are a fine apple with a fine flavour but they don’t keep as well as later varieties. Little and often, that’s the ticket.


The southern hemisphere grape season finished back in May and there’s not really been a good, consistent supply since then . That’s all changing now though as the European season gets going with new season grapes from Spain and Italy. Quality is good and prices are pretty reasonable for both black and white varieties.

There’s French Muscat grapes with their distinctive elderflower flavour and Italian strawberry grapes or Uvo Fragola which cost a fortune and taste like bubblegum.


The past few months have been a tricky old time for maincrop spuds. We’ve had to rely on supplies stored from last year’s harvest but that’s all changing now. This year’s potato harvest is underway and growers across the UK are sending the first maincrop spuds to market. There’s already a marked improvement and quality and prices are on the way down.

If you’re looking for something rather more interesting, esoteric even, on the potato front then we throughly recommend the wonderful range of unusual spuds from our chums at The Potato Shop. They grow over twenty varieties at their farm in Kent and they’ve just started this years harvest. Get in touch with your local depot if you’d like to find out more.

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