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The Total Produce Market Report September 2018

This next year is going to be a tough year for the potato lovers, any graded potato will demand high prices.



Discovery English apples have arrived onto the market with other brilliant varieties to follow such as Worcester, Katy’s, Coxes and Russets.

Belgium Conference Pear is now available.

We have had a brilliant English blackberry season this year but unfortunately it’s now coming to an end. Dutch Blackberry will be available throughout September.

Victoria plums are still available until the 2nd week of the month, make the most of these while they are still around!
We will then move over to European President Plum.

Make the most of the Spanish stone fruit such as nectarine and peaches as the season will be finishing at the end of the month. English strawberries will be available throughout September but prices are starting to rise.


First thing to start with when it comes to vegetables has to be potatoes.. and unfortunately it isn’t good news.

This next year is going to be a tough year for the potato lovers, because of the dry spell we received this summer the potato crop became very stressed when it was flowering which reduced the amount and the size of crop that was grown, Uk Crop was not the only country affected with there being shortages throughout Europe, Bakers and any graded Potato will demand high prices so please speak to your sales reps.

Please see full PDF report for more info:

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