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The Total Produce Market Report October 2018

New season bakers and main crop potatoes are now available following a short period of poor quality old season product, however, prices will rise!



This time of year is a big change in seasons for on the fruit side! With the Spanish melon season finishing it’s time for the southern hemisphere season to start. We have also moved away from the southern hemisphere citrus and started working with the European growers.

Melons – The European melon season is over and we are onto Brazilian crop, you can always rely on the quality when it comes to the southern hemisphere melon but obviously prices will be higher because of the distance the fruit needs to travel to get to the UK.


New season bakers are now available following a short spell of poor quality produce. As with main crop potatoes, bakers will also rise in price now we move over to new season produce.

Fresh chips and par fried chips have also seen a big increase on price, this is due to the ongoing issue with the potatoes across Europe. Please contact your local depot for up to date prices.

Squashes – New season local squash is available now and is always a popular choice, with every mixed squash giving you a different unique flavour they are a key ingredient for your menus throughout autumn and winter. Maybe a good alternative for the expensive potato prices at the minute…

Please see full PDF report for more info.

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