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The Total Produce Market Report June 2021

Grapes will move over to Egyptian and Greek and as the month goes on, so quality will get better through the month. Then we will move onto Italian and Spanish for the summer.

European Apples have managed to hang on longer than we expected but the availability will dry up before moving over to southern hemisphere fruit. Prices will rise to take into consideration transport costs.

At last, the Spanish Melon season has kicked off so all varieties are becoming more available and by mid-June should be plentiful and really tasty!



Cyprus Grapefruit will be replaced with South African, expect the prices to be high.

Italian Kiwi will come to an end and we will move over to Chilean until the New Zealand season kicks off towards the end of June.

We currently have Cheddar and Belgium Strawberry available. Our Herefordshire berries will start at the beginning of June. These will be excellent quality and lidded so transportation will be so much easier.


The extended Spanish season on salads has been forced upon us due to a delay in UK grown produce, as a result of the awful weather conditions.

Thankfully over the next couple of weeks, we will see us move over to the UK grown or Dutch/Belgium produce, and consequently quality and consistency should be back on track. Courgettes, Celery, Tomatoes, and Peppers will all be in their element in the next few weeks.

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