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The Total Produce Market Report June 2018

The strawberry season is very late this year due to the cold weather at the beginning of March.

The Dutch salad season is in full flow and as usual the quality is excellent.



The European stone fruit season has finally started – Peaches, nectarines and apricots are readily available, prices will ease as we move further into the month.

The first of the Spanish melons are now beginning to filter through, initially the fruit will be small but will have a good appearance: sizes will increase as we move further into the month. Prices will be high but should ease when the availability increases.

The first English strawberries have arrived on the market but initial volumes are very small, we should see increased supplies over the next week or two. The strawberry season is very late this year due to the cold weather at the beginning of March.

We should see the first of this year’s English raspberries around the middle of June and see the first English gooseberries close to the end of the month.

Cooking apples have increased in price as we are at the end of the stored supply. The majority of apples & pears will be brought in from the Southern Hemisphere.

The additional ‘travel costs’ will mean prices will stay high but quality of the fruit is superb. The first European apples and pears should be back in season in early August.

Lemons and lime are in short supply and prices are very high. The price of limes is expected to ease later in the month but lemons will remain expensive for the foreseeable future.

Peruvian Satsuma are superb quality.

We’re currently supplying oranges from Cyprus but will be moving over to Southern hemisphere oranges soon which again will see an increase in price.

Ruby grapefruit is now coming from Israel, the quality is fantastic. ‘Marsh’ yellow grapefruit is virtually non-existent.


New season English broccoli has finally started. Summer cauliflower heads are small but sizes should improve when the rain comes…

English leeks have finished and we will now move onto Spanish supplies. Be aware prices will increase.

English peas and broad bean will be available at the end of the month, until then we have some from Italy and Spain.

Spanish onion will be finishing soon and we will then move over to Chilean onions: New season Spanish onions will be back in mid-July.

The Egyptian red onion season will be starting very soon.

New potatoes: we have a good selection available and are getting supplies from, Cornwall, Pembroke, Devon, Shropshire and Kent.

Don’t forget the mint….

New season Suffolk baby mid potatoes will start mid-June – beautiful !

English bunched beetroot is available and very good quality, bunched carrot should follow by the end of the month.

Potato prices will rise slightly over the next month as we draw to the end of the stored ware season.


The British asparagus season is in full swing, we also stock the white and purple varieties. The season usually finishes around midsummers day (24th June) so please make the most of this wonderful vegetable whilst it’s in good supply

Garlic scapes will arrive this month so keep an eye out!

New season French artichoke will be available in June.

Due to the current weather conditions in Kenya, the supply of fine beans, mangetout and sugar snaps will be affected. Prices have risen considerably, hopefully this should settle down over the month as long as the weather improves! Supplies from Guatemalan are available and will probably be our best bet at the minute as the quality should be very considerably better.


The Dutch salad season is in full flow and as usual the quality is excellent.

English tomatoes are also available including superb tomatoes from the Isle of Wight; heritage and beef tomato are wonderful.

Home-grown lollo rosso, oakleaf , baby gem, cos, iceberg and lollo biondi are all now in season.

We should see the first English courgettes later this month – yellow courgettes from Holland have started, but are expensive.

English spring onions should continue through to October.

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