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The Total Produce Market Report JULY 2018

Coloured cauliflower is now making an appearance along with new season purple sprouting, rainbow chard and black kale.



Home-grown raspberries and blueberries are now in season, offering exceptional taste and value for money.

The Spanish melon season is now underway. All types of melons have been in short supply for the past 2 months and prices have been high, the good news is they are now easing in price.

Renowned for their superior taste, English cherries will offer a welcome alternative to imported European fruit. All sizes of orange are in very short supply and as a result, prices have increased substantially. The first early English plums will start at the end of July.

The quality of Egyptian grapes at the moment is very good. British gooseberries are now available; don’t forget they have a very short season so please make the most of them now. Peaches, apricots and nectarines are at their prime at this time of year.


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The British runner bean season has just started which is perfect timing with the current weather problems in Kenya causing a shortage in supply. #buyBritish

Moroccan sweet corn husks are available now which means that the Spanish sweet corn won’t be far away! After that we can look forward to British sweetcorn which should arrive early August (weather dependant).

New season Egyptian red & white onions are now available. Old season onions are now showing quality issues. New season globe artichoke heads are suffering the effects of the warm weather, there will be a shortage if the weather continues to remain warm.


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