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Websters Dairy

Blue Stilton From Websters Dairy

They’ve been making cheese at Websters Dairy in Saxelbye, Leicestershire for a very long time. The dairy was founded by the Websters sisters over 150 years ago. Today it’s owned and run by two more sisters, Margaret and Hellen Callow, who produce a magnificent Blue Stilton.
There are just six dairies in the UK who make Stilton cheese and Websters is the smallest of these. Stilton has European PDO status which means that it can only be made in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and can only be produced using traditional methods that are strictly controlled. Of course Stilton is one of this country’s most popular cheeses but Websters Blue Stilton is enjoyed right across the globe, over 80% of it goes for export.

Margaret and Helen, and their dairy manager Andrew Ruddle, share the absolute commitment that defines the very best food producers. This isn’t just a job to them, it’s a vocation, their way of life. At Total Produce Leicester we are proud to supply such a very fine cheese particularly as it is made less than 20 miles from our depot. Websters Blue Stilton, a true local gem.